CML issues the following statement regarding the UK’s exit from the EU and its affect on UK Notified Bodies:

Certification Management Limited (“CML”) is pleased to make the following statement in relation the expected exit by the United Kingdom (“UK”) from the European Union (“EU”) in 2019.

CML  is  a  market-leading  UK-based  Notified  Body  supplying  testing  and  certification services against the EU ATEX Directive, in addition to a range of other international standards.   At  present,  it  is  a  requirement  for  a  Notified  Body  certifying  against  EU standards  to  be  based  in  an  EU  or  EFTA  member  country.  The  UK  is  currently negotiating its exit terms with the EU which we expect will include transitional and long term, trade and mutual recognition arrangements covering a range of matters relating to  product  safety  and  certification.  During  this  period  of  negotiation,  there  is  an understandable concern about the validity of existing EU certificates once the UK exits from  the  EU  and  the  ability  of  a  UK-based  Notified  Body  to  issue  new  ones thereafter.   However,  there  is  a  similar concern about non-UK  based manufacturers being able to sell products in the UK, which may be subject to a new regulatory and compliance  regime  and  which  may  require  certification  to  be  undertaken  by  a  UK- based certification body.

To enable us to maximise our own growth in relation to certification activities in Europe, we have decided to increase our direct presence there through the establishment, last year, of a new, wholly-owned, subsidiary company located in Europe.  Our application for  EU  Notified  Body  status for that  new  company  is  well underway.   In  parallel,  we recognise that the UK, post-exit from the EU, along with the rest of the world will have, or continue to have, separate regulatory regimes that will require supporting.  In that regard,  our  activities  are  expected  to  remain  unchanged  but  product  manufacturers should consider whether their existing EU-27 based Notified Body will have the legal capacity to meet UK certification requirements.

We expect that ATEX certificates issued by the CML group will remain valid beyond the  UK’s  exit  from  the  EU  and  our  current  status  as  an  EU  Notified  Body  remains unchanged.  As transitional arrangements with the EU become determined in detail, we  will  identify  the  appropriate  certification  strategy  for  each  of  our  customers individually.   Some  customers  may  see  no  changes,  whilst  others  may  have  their certification transferred to our new EU Notified Body or have future work undertaken by  it.   In  any  event,  it  will  be  largely  the  same  team  as  today  that  will  provide  our certification services.

For the avoidance of doubt, the invoking of Article 50 of the EU Treaty specifies a two year period for discussions regarding separation from the EU that may affect all UK Notified Bodies and EU Notified Bodies beyond exit.  However, throughout this period the UK remains part of the EU and as such all our business activities within it remain unchanged.

As an international business we are accustomed to managing regulatory changes.  We want  to  see  a  transparent  certification  framework  for  all  our  clients,  wherever  they trade,  that  minimises  costs  and  maximises  flexibility  and  we  are  adapting  our  own activities  accordingly.   Inevitably  in  periods  such  as  this  there  may  be  messages  of uncertainty and fear being promulgated by those with vested interests.  We won’t do that.  As our customer and partner, your interests and ours are aligned.

Should you require any further information please let us know.  We can be reached on +44 (0)151 559 1160 or


M D Shearman

Managing Director

Certification Management Limited Group