Eurofins E&E CML are offering a 10% discount on their standard IP testing service throughout July and August 2024.

IP ratings identify the level of protection equipment has to withstand ingress, from environmental factors such as rain and dust particles, and foreign objects such as wires and tools. As well as the functional and performance benefits associated with a product that has passed IP testing, there is often also a commercial advantage where a higher IP rating has been achieved and a 3rd party test report is available.

Ingress protection ratings are generated according to EN IEC 60529 (Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)). The letters ‘IP’ are followed by two numbers or letters depending on the rating, with the first digit relating to solids and the second digit relating to liquids. As you can see in the charts here Ingress Protection | CMLEX (, the lower numbers relate to more basic protection which are usually easily achieved, and progress to higher numbers where the tests can be a little more challenging to pass. ‘X’ in an IP code shows that the numeral has not been tested, for example IPX6. Most manufacturers choose to test two numerals and the most common requests are for IP66 and IP67.

Eurofins E&E CML are currently offering a 10% discount on their standard IP testing rate!

Eurofins E&E CML provide market leading testing services for Ingress Protection (IP), offering timely testing, technical accuracy and value for money. They are fully equipped to complete Ingress Protection testing at their UKAS Accredited laboratory and a UKAS accredited test report can be supplied to document your products IP achievements.

With an extensive IP testing facility and experienced laboratory engineers, you can get your product tested quickly and correctly at Eurofins E&E CML. To find out more please visit the dedicated IP website CMLEX | Ex Certification Body ( or contact the sales team:

Telephone: +44 (0)151 559 1160

Eurofins E&E CML IP Testing Sale terms and conditions:

The 10% discount will be applied to Eurofins E&E CML standard IP testing rate. Reference to the offer must be made at the initial point of enquiry stage made to Eurofins E&E CML to qualify. Valid for quotations issued only by Eurofins E&E CML in July and August 2024. Orders must be placed onto Eurofins E&E CML on or before the 31st August 2024. This offer cannot be used with any other offer and does not apply to IP testing quotations or orders provided by Eurofins E&E UK business units other than Eurofins E&E CML.