CML’s technical director, David Stubbings attended the ABMEC (Association of British Mining Equipment Companies) annual conference in Doncaster in November. As one of the key note speakers David shared with the conference details of CML’s market changing agreement with the Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Centre (MA Centre) in Beijing. This critical agreement sees CML become the only UK certification body that can enable mining machinery manufacturers to promote and sell products into the Chinese mining market.

The new agreement means that CML’s test data will be accepted by MA Centre. Without the MA Centre approval, mining equipment cannot be sold in China. This lucrative market for the mining equipment will continue to be accessible with the assistance of CML.

Commenting on the conference David said “attending for the first time it was very interesting to meet potential new customers within the mining industry along with some of our existing customers. In general, despite the industry still being relatively flat, there was an encouraging feeling that signs of improvement are starting to be seen”

CML is making further arrangements with MA Centre in order to assist EU manufacturers access the Chinese mining market. Anyone affected by the changes at MA Centre should contact CML and discover how re-certification can be planned and experience the benefits of working with a responsive, credible certification body. In addition, CML can provide invaluable technical advice for ATEX / IECEx and North American approvals for companies globally. In many instances CML can offer “in country” support and local surveillance auditors for QAN and QAR inspection and audit requirements.